Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I'm tired. Exhausted. Upset. Deeply and greatly sad. I really need to get some sleep now but my mind is racing and can't seem to stop.

Something is bugging me. It's about an old friend I used to be best friends with. The one I used to act completely insane with. The one that I had fun doing silly things with. The one I couldn't stop thinking about but never really want to talk about it. The one whose picture is on my bedroom wall, along with my other good friends. The one I am not friends with anymore.

You see, I was wrong. I am brave enough to admit that. And hell yeah I am aware of that. I'm not proud of what I did. NEVER. I knew there were other ways of handling things but I chose the ugliest way possible. I purposely did that to hurt her. Only because I was deeply hurt too. We were young and aggressive, and when things didn't go our way, we bail. At least that's what I did. I walked out on her. Instead of talking to her like a sensible human being, I ran away. It was 2004, can't really recall what happened. But I was deeply hurt. And angry. My boyfriend of 4 years dumped me in 2003. That bastard crushed my heart to ashes. And then Inaaz left. It all got too much to bear I guess. I was depressed, in a non-exaggerating way. I even cried in class and at the cafe. I didn't eat, I didn't sleep and I spent most of the nights crying. The fights we had wasn't helping much and that must have influenced me to simply run away.

I felt bad about what I did ever since I walked out on her. I know I don't talk about it and I certainly don't show it. It hurts me too much to talk about her so it was kinda easier to bitch about her. That's my way of showing that I cared, I guess. Totally a girl thing. It does not mean that I'm not sorry. I am. I AM FREAKING SORRY. Always has, and always will.

If you're reading this, I AM REALLY REALLY REALLY SORRY. From the bottom of my heart.

But I'm just not strong enough to be the better person to patch things up again. I'm not asking anyone to take my side, I'm not asking anyone to tell me what I did wrong, I knew all that.

I'm just asking you to understand.


Inaaz Hanoum Ariff said...

Hid,i lafffff you!


hiddie said...

inaaz, i luf you too!
heyy i cant comment your blog laa, susah nak load page from utp lol
nanti when im home ill comment banyak banyak eh? :p


Khairi Anuar said...

hid~ huuuuu~

:) 21st june .. putrajaya .. along with hujan, oag, meet uncle hussain, lovesick avenue and many more ... jom jom jom

ieja said...

hid, you okay there?
oit I love you jugak!!
Take care!
and feel free to let it all out on me if you want to.
Nanti I call =)
Tanak kacau today, you ada your big huge presentation with your fav 'gathal' lecturer :P
goodluck for that!
bye for now :)

fmac said...


i know wat ure feeling. actually...u and i were (or still is) in the same situation with that particular person. but honestly, that person is a kind person. we all have different personality...wether we like it or not...kind of have to adapt with our frens personality. its nice to forgive n forget cos it could be for the best of u and that particular person. a simple smile, a warm hello or just a friendly gesture could mean a lot. put aside our ego..thats one thing i learn in utp. nway...i cherish all my matter wat happens...

lav ya hid.