Wednesday, October 27, 2010

uptight much?

yo yo yo yo yo yeah imma talk like this imma pretend im a knee-grow cuz im flyyyyy like that.

okay scratch that.

i realized ive been uptight lately, lol silly grumpy old me.

but imma get my mojo back.

you just wait.

or dont.



Monday, October 25, 2010

goodbye posters, hello empty wall.

found a paper cutting that says,

- give others compliments
- accept compliments
- figure out what you want out of life and go get it
- be around people who encourage your goals

- put yourself down
- worry about nothing
- hang around with people who bring you down

some things are just gotta be told no matter how simple, eh? ;)

oh look, thats a picture of me graduating kindergarten in indonesia. i still look the same right? see, told yah, i havent aged even a day :P

goodnight, xx


You gotta grow up at some point.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm so happy I want to remember this forever :))

New jeans, new me ;)

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bride-to-Be, Part 3: Lights, Camera, Action!

my engagement day is just around the corner, and how the pictures will turn out is what i worry about the most lol yeah, yeah, i am a bimbo, waddupppp.

so ive been practicing in front of the mirror - ive been trying to find my better side, sucking my tummy to see whether that will make me less fat or not, smiling w mouth open, smiling w mouth closed, tilting my head to the right, and then left, and then right again trying to hide the double chin, and tons of other embarrassing poses id rather not expose.

after 2 hours of googling, i have decided to compile a list of tips that can help me and you looking your best on your wedding day :)

1. camera alert.
every bride-to-be wants to be captured when she is at her best / ayuest / lembutest / kurusest / etc., trust me i want that too, but try not to be too alert of the camera. its okay to look at the photographer (main photographer only, ignore the rest) once in a while just to have an idea where you should look but try keep your body relaxed. we dont want to look stiff do, we? ;) and oh, please keep your face level to the camera. chin up will result in capturing your nostrils more than it should, chin down pula will accentuate your double chin.

2. work with your posture.
standing or sitting down, always always keep your body straight. you will look shorter and fatter slouching. plus it will be a lil hard for your guest to see what youre wearing :P and if youre standing, try to avoid standing w both your legs straight. bend your knees and point your toes, you will look sexy w an innocent overtone.

dont forget to bend your knee, ladies!

3. expression.
tell the world your love story, smile sincerely and show the admiration in your eyes. bak kata tyra, haruslah smizing kan ;)

gosh i wish i will look as calm and as ayu as her. shes so purrdyyy.
p/s: @hushpls once told me not too smile besar sangat, nanti orang kata gatal. and jangan senyum kecik sangat nanti macam murung pulak haha

4. relax your shoulders.
people tend to tighten and raise their shoulders when they are nervous. it makes your shoulder appear narrower than they really are, your neck seems shorter and worse, i will make you look fuller especially when youre sitting down. you will be fine, let your shoulders fall naturally :)

i tend do this all the time :(

5. get your elbows away from your body.
if you pose w your elbows touching the sides of your body, your arms will get squished and look even bigger. just move your elbows slightly away from your sides, creating just a small separation between your body and your arm so people will notice the cut-in of your waistline in your photos, and this makes you appear slimmer. yeayy!

dont squish them chubby arms, hidayah!

6. be yourself.
most importantly, just be yourself. be natural and umm dont forget to train your partner as well :P

but then again, just be you. youre most beautiful when youre confident of yourself anyway ;)

okay i must admit that im panicking a lil bit now. need to start practicing pronto so i will look like a pro. and lets get this right, a good photographer captures moments, rather than the poses :)


Bride-to-Be, Part 2: Wishful Thinking.

this is super cute.

can i have this at my wedding? friends, start practising! ;)