Tuesday, July 28, 2009

childhood dreams

i always keep a tiny notebook in all of my handbags, to keep me occupied whenever im idle.
mostly i use these notebooks to:
  1. play hangman; while waiting. waiting for my our food to arrive, waiting for the lecturer to come in, etc etc.
  2. blog. i always have something to say, especially when im angry. this comes in handy when im stuck in the traffic jam. or when im waiting.
  3. jot down quotes, taglines or anything that could be interesting to my eyes.
  4. okayy this might sound funny, but i always have this hope of meeting someone famous (that i like) so i can go up to him/her for signature. but realistically speaking, who asks for signatures these days? even i wouldnt go up and ask for a signature haha take picture(s) yes, but not ask for signature. nope. thats just, too corny.
  5. write down whatever lists, and how-to lists. to-do list, to-buy list, how to save money, how to lose fat effectively, and all that jazz. (like this one)
umm where was i?

ohh okayy.

so. i found this tiny book, a super old book in one of my drawers while i was looking for a knife to kill myself. kidding. i forgot what i was looking for, but i found a notebook. and in there, i wrote 'to blog about childhood dreams' in one of my to-do list. and this is what this post is about. my childhood dreams.

enjoy :)

hiddie's childhood dreams:
  1. to win stuffed animals at funfairs. (it seemed impossible at that time, and still is)
  2. to study/work/live overseas. (i took the petronas scholar, so i had to study in utp for 5 years and now im bound with petronas for 10 years. which means, there is no chance for me to work/live overseas now)
  3. to be a doctor. (but changed my mind when i got an injection. from then on, i thought doctors are mean)
  4. to drive a c class mercedes. (i was so in love with the car when i was 11)
  5. to be a singer. (oh come on, everyone wants to be a singer!)

now, at the age of 24, i still havent achieved any of these silly far-fetched dreams. i took a different path which does not result with me being a singing doctor who drives a c class mercedes cruising in miami. and ive never won any stuffed animals either.

so where does that leave me?
  1. im working with petronas, with an okay salary.
  2. i drive a getz, which i am soooooooo in love with. dad offered me a new car, but i refused cuz i seriously love my getz.
  3. i sing everyweek, with my friends, at redbox.
i think its safe to say that im happy. yeayy me.



Time is running away. said...

"a singing doctor" - very funny image.

It must be strange to review your life now according to what you dreamed of then.

My dreams haven't changed, but the list has grown much longer as the years have passed. :D

hiddie said...

yeah, my list has gone longer too. and more far-fetched. like, marry a football star for instance ;)
heyy, a girl can dream. right?

hazim said...

heyy im a football star jugakkk

hiddie said...

hazim: true. but im not married to you yet :p