Monday, November 16, 2009

friends forever

you can be friends w mafias, prostitutes, terrorists,
anyone really,
as long as you dont forget who you are
and what you believe in.


Monday, November 9, 2009

What Quirky Things Do You Love (That Some People Don’t "Get")? *updated*

yeah the title was a rip-off. saw the title on the net and thought it would be fun to come up w my own quirky things.

here goes:

  1. i read magazines from back to front. its more interesting that way.
  2. i am obsessed w buying stationeries (pens, notebooks, colored papers, punchers, staplers, erasers etc.) i can spend rm100 just buying pens.
  3. i wish i was a boy, every single day. no commitment, not a care in the world and its okay because guys are just not capable of being responsible. fun eh?
  4. i would always dash for the deserts first at a buffet and would be too full from eating cakes and cookies and ice-cream to eat anything else.
  5. i read. anything. labels on bottles, signboards, ads, etc. anything. except for news. haha.
  6. i like to peel off labels off shiny things.
  7. i hate my boobs. i honestly do.
  8. ideas often come rolling when i was shitting. i used to have a pen and a notebook in the toilet when i was young.
  9. i dont eat fish. theyre gross.
  10. i am SCARED of cats. so scared its not even funny. try me and dont be mad if youve gone deaf.
  11. i like to make lists, and totally forget about them the next day.
wanna share yours? ;)


okay okay i know i should post that quirky list already (see below) but yeah i am man enough to admit that ive been procrastinating. i have the list in my little black book of everything but cant seem to bring myself to type it here. thinking of snapping a picture of the list and posting it haha we'll see.


lookie lookie, my boyfriend has upgraded himself to a manfriend it seems lol

he gave me a promise ring yesterday woot! me is super happy :D

err actually he gave me two identical rings, so that shows double commitment laa kan? lol

so im at work now, its kind of a slow day. ive been waving my hand dramatically like a drunk drag queen just so people could notice. shallow? yes. effective? yes. haha i dont want to brag but i want attention, how meh? ;)

im so happy today nothing can break me. okay laa ada laa marah sikit pagi tadi. sebab:
  1. bangun lambat.
  2. admiring the ring dalam toilet for too long, so mandi terlebih lama than usual.
  3. keluar rumah lambat, 715 am.
  4. some stupid arrogant fuck was driving slow nak mampus on the right lane dekat NPE.
  5. banana boy dont wanna have breakfast w me sebab dia dah bosan tengok muka moi.
  6. my pink tag thingy (landyard?) putus.
but today is WOTEVAHH day, as mention by ms rainbowsnshit ;)


Friday, November 6, 2009

the cutest wedding invitation evahhh

cheers to jill and matt! :]

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What Quirky Things Do You Love (That Some People Don’t "Get")?

will post mine when im not too busy doing something else i thought is more important.

stay tuned ;)