Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bride-to-Be, Part 1: Planning to Plan.

hello :)

so i have decided to write a journal on me becoming a bride *excitednervousexcited* yup, discussions have been made, some things had been agreed upon by both parties, hence the engagement day is coming soon. we are now waiting for the confirmation of the date from zimster's side but InsyaAllah, the merisik/tunang (engagement) day will be in early october. yeayy :))))

im a hug fan of lists (whether i refer to them or not is another matter teehee), so im going to share w you my mental checklist before i start planning everything else.

1. evaluate yourself.
it is important for a bride-to-be understand herself first before going on a search for vendors for her perfect wedding. please take a look at your bank account(s) and do a realistic rough budget. from here, you will be able to decide whether you have enough or you should be saving your money. it is also crucial for a bride-to-be to evaluate her physique and then decide whether you need to lose weight or gain some. these two areas need to be looked at waaayyy before the planning begins. lets face it, saving money and losing weight takes time =/

2. do a lot of research.
thanks to the internet, you can find just about anything on weddings within just a few clicks. spend some time to do some research, and maybe stalk a little bit :P read those bridal blogs, browse through those wedding photography websites and check out those wedding related blog shops. do some analysis on the trend as well, and please dont dont forget to keep an eye on the cost ;) but bare in mind, every lady is unique in her own way. not everyone looks good in a tube dress, and not everyone can afford cosry. a realistic approach is the way to go :)

3. include parents in your planning team.
i had everything mapped out, i even have two wedding scrapbooks. i had everything on my mind, the type of dress i wanna wear, the theme, the ring, the decoration, the favors, even the words on the invitation cards. but when the words reached my parents, poof, everything is gone and i have to start my research all over again. i hope someone told me this earlier; your wedding is their wedding too :P especially when youre the first daughter to get married. my mum had her own vision of the wedding, and dad has his own. expect arguments, there is no easy way in tackling this. be rational, show them as many pictures (real weddings are more convincing) as you can and update them on the current styles. be prepared to give in, and umm if dad is paying, he does have a say lorr haha discuss w the parents before booking any vendors to get their approval. dont be a bridezilla, we have to respect our parents AND our partner's wishes too :)

4. create a timeline.
it is highly advised for a bride-to-be to create a timeline. sometimes we get carried away w work and some other stuff and the next thing you know, youre left w 4 months to go. please bare in mind that popular vendors are usually booked out even up to 6 months ahead. plus, last minute planning will add stress and wrinkles and eye bags to your face. we dont want that, do we?

5. keep calm and carry on.
last but not least, please dont panic or freak out and run around like a headless chicken everytime something doesnt work out. okay okay, youre allowed to panic for 2 hours, we are all humans after all. and female too, so panicking is our first reflex :P but thinking is more efficient when youre calm and collected so take a deep breath, and think of a solution as soon as possible. crying or whining the whole day wont get you anywhere. remember, time stops for no bride.

okay, thats all for now. hope you find this useful :)



ZARA said...

OMG. this is serious right? OMG im so excited!!!!

irah said...

OMG OMG OMG. OMG. wayyyy excited to hear this too :D

SneakerFreaker said...

Hai.u tunang dgn hazim ke nanti? :)

ashieBee said...

weeheeheee so this is the "unknown" lady la. heheh. congrats hiddie! all the best preparing for it :))


hiddie said...

teehee yes zara, this is serious and i am seriously freaking out haha

iraaaahhhhhh nervous niiii ajar i cakap bahasa n9 pleeeaaassseee ;)

yes, sneakerfreaker im getting engaged to hazim mohamad :)

LOL unknown laa sangat haha thank youuuu rashidah! :))