Thursday, August 6, 2009

i have mastered the art of shutting up.

my girls and i would always bitch about our relationships whenever we hang out. realistically speaking, no one is ever blissfully happy in their relatioship. there would always be roadblocks, fights, crying saga, time-outs, you name it.

i was confiding in a friend one day, and she said: girl, just shut up. let him have the final say, and things will go back to normal before you know it.

oh boy, it worked!

now i am happy to announce that i have mastered the art of shutting up. let him have his say, i will get things done my way anyway :p so let him win the fight, let him have the crown. sometimes girls forget to give in.

so yeayy me.

im not too smart to be in a relationship anymore :)

p/s: H, i love you.


Budak Nakal said...

If only more women knows this precious trick.

Spread the good words!

hiddie said...

haha lets make the world a better place ;)