Thursday, February 25, 2010

wish you well.

i stumbled upon this song on hushpls's facebook page this morning.
and fell in love with it.
the timing couldnt be more right.

dad usually kiss me every morning as i left for work.
but today he wasnt sitting outside, reading the newspaper. he was in bed.
i was hugging him when he said "im not well today, theres something wrong w my heart"
the goes my heart, thumping like crazy.
"i didnt managed to complete the 4 fours dialysis session yesterday, my heart was too weak. lasted only for 2 hours. need to go to the hospital again today, for check up"
i wanted to cry and hug him and just cry. i wish i could give him my health. i wish i could give him my strength. looking at his chest, breathing his short breath rapidly makes me want to die.
but i didnt do any of that.
i hugged him, just like always and say, "okay, i'll call you for updates later"
and left.

dad is a kidney failure patient. it happened almost 10 years ago. he has to go for dialysis sessions for every monday, wednesday and friday (4 hours per session).
i hate to admit that his health has deteriorated since.
whenever i see him struggle to climb up the stairs or to even stand up, i keep telling myself hes just old. its going to be okay.

but hes not going to be okay. hes not just old. he is sick.

gosh i wish i could turn back time. i know he wishes he could turn back time either.

anyway, this song kind of cheered me up.

wish you well by katie herzig.

get well soon, dad.
i love you.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

this one is for the ladies.


Bitches aren’t necessarily bitter people, but they’re driven by a certain amount of frustration because they look around at the mess in the world and know they could do it better. Let’s see what we can learn from the School of Bitch, shall we?

The Bitch Who Gets Stuff Done.
There’s nothing more frustrating than folks who waste time and money, always claiming they’ll get their work done “tomorrow,” “next year,” or even more vaguely, “eventually.” But bitches have this little engine inside them called drive and powered by this engine, they make things happen. If you make a mistake or need to revise, at least you have a foundation to work on. Not enough time? Not enough money? No matter. You’re smart enough to make it work. Bitches get stuff done.

What you can learn from this bitch: Bitches who get stuff done know they should “just do it,” because if they don’t, some idiot might step in, do it for them and screw it up!

The This-Job-Is-Beneath-Me Bitch.

Chances are at some point in your early career, you work a job that blows chunks. Whether you’re photocopying, running errands, or making best friends with the filing cabinet, you know this job is totally below your capabilities — and that makes you pissed. I was once this bitch, actually: After four years at a great college and 18 months as a newspaper reporter, I was hired as a fact checker for the website of a magazine. Imagine my surprise, then, when I was tasked with making photocopies eight hours a day for my first two weeks on the job. The mundaneness of it all nearly killed me! But I put my nose to the grindstone and tried to be as witty/pleasant/impressive as I could whenever I came in contact with the boss; I also tried to score as many freelance writing gigs as I could. And within a few months, I was hired away by a more fun, more interesting, better-paying magazine.

What you can learn from this bitch: If there’s one thing you can take away from British period dramas about love affairs between the aristocracy and the working class, it’s that one should never accept one’s “station in life.” Bitches have ambition and the This-Job-Is-Beneath-Me Bitch puts her eyes on the prize. It doesn’t mean she tries to gank her boss’s job out from underneath them after six months on the job; she has to be reasonable. But this bitch has perspective and doesn’t put up with paper cuts and/or $7.15 an hour for longer than it takes to pay her dues.

The You’re-Beneath-Me Bitch.

Be careful when you’re trying to spot these bitches in the wild: There is a difference between the You’re-Beneath-Me Bitch and someone who’s just a snotty underminer. A snotty underminer is a fundamentally insecure person who constantly talks about her own accomplishments, name-drops, and offers to “help” anyone and everyone she comes in contact with. But the You’re-Beneath-Me Bitch is a good judge of character who realizes the people around her who are perhaps not as ambitious or driven as she is, so doesn’t get mixed up with their crap. She’s not unkind to these folks, per se. She just doesn’t get dragged down to their level, i.e., gossiping instead of working or arriving to the office every single day of the week hung-over.

What you can learn from this bitch: Whether in your social life, work life, or family life, it can be frustrating to be surrounded by people who kind of suck. Unfortunately, they are unavoidable. But the You’re-Beneath-Me Bitch makes an effort not to get involved in their drama. Much like the This-Job-Is-Beneath-Me Bitch, she keeps her eyes on the prize and gets out!

The Sexy Bitch.

You don’t have to be a full-on dominatrix to be a Sexy Bitch; you just have to know what you want and demand it. You might even discover you get some thrills from being in charge in bed! Most guys, even if they don’t want to be sexually “submissive” all the time, will be down for the Sexy Bitch to take control. Oh, did I say they’ll be down for it? I meant they’ll be in awe. Any guys who aren’t in awe of your sexual power are not worth your time to schtup.

What you can learn from this bitch: The Sexy Bitch understands and embraces the concept of sexual power and lets it fuel her confidence. But, more importantly, she brings that confidence to life outside of her bed. The Sexy Bitch isn’t a one-trick-pony kind of sex kitten; she’s actually more of an enigma.

The Tell-It-Like-It-Is Bitch.

A lot of people are happier with their heads in the sand, but the Tell-It-Like-It-Is Bitch (you might also know her as a “loudmouth”) doesn’t abide by nicey-nice sugarcoating and lies. In fact, kiss-assery makes this bitch want to puke.

What you can learn form this bitch: While she can definitely be a liability in some social situations, the Tell-It-Like-It-Is Bitch is much, much appreciated by her friends for her candor and honesty. Some of us truly do want to know if this haircut looks busted or if the guy we’re dating is a bore. The Tell-It-Like-It-Is Bitch earns people’s trust and, eventually, respect for being ballsy enough to be honest.

The Bossy Bitch.

One of my sisters is a kindergarten teacher and that job definitely makes her a Bossy Bitch. My sibs and I roll our eyes 90 percent of the time when she tries to tell us what to do, but when it comes to planning birthday parties or family Christmases, it’s refreshing to have a Bossy Bitch to take the lead. But I’m not going to lie: It is hard to be a Bossy Bitch. In too many parts of the country — actually, the world — women are looked down upon for having the kind of leadership abilities that men get lauded for. The Bossy Bitch has to deal with scorn sometimes, but as the culture slowly changes, she also gets her fair share of praise.

What you can learn from this bitch: Trusting one’s own judgment is an extremely valuable tool to have in life and the Bossy Bitch trusts her gut. Trust her, there’s nothing worse than not speaking up or taking the lead and ending up having dinner at a crap restaurant or doing a project that’s a bad idea. Who wants to kick themselves later?

The Has-Your-Back Bitch.

The older I get, the more I realize loyalty is my #1 most important value in any relationship. You might not even know who the Has-Your-Back Bitch is until you’re in hot water, but she’ll have your back like a mama bear, teeth gnashing. Never underestimate how valuable the Has-Your-Back Bitch is to have as a boss, mom or friend.

What you can learn from this bitch: Standing up for other people isn’t easy, but it’s rewarding. If you are the Has-Your-Back Bitch for someone else, karma might just work out that someone else will be the Has-Your-Back Bitch for you. You’ll appreciate it.

Friday, February 12, 2010

5 things that all men like

i love this website - Single Black Male. i think it speaks nothing but the truth. and today, im going to post an article that caught my eye.

after reading it, i've come to a conclusion. men are simple creatures, what you see is what you get, really.

so be prepared to hear some of the things that we girls know or should already know LOL




The Male ego is one of the few things about men that you could label as “complicated” although its really simple and most women just want to complain about it rather than understand it … although we go through the painstaken process of pleasing the female ego. One important thing to remember is that we love to win. We don’t have to win all the time and we don’t have to win at everything, but if we aren’t winning at work, in the bed, or with the misses … life sucks and someone is eventually gonna die to result in our win. Trust and believe.


Dr. J took the time yesterday to explain the importance of head in solving all of the world’s problems. And just in case you missed yesterday’s literary masterpiece, I am hear to reiterate it. Head is important to men and we really like … nay … love it. As Streetz said, it cures colds and heals the world.


We love to win ourselves but we need to watch other win too. Even us men (me) who don’t love sports … still like sports. There is just something that is inherently manly about sports. Some are into baseball, other would die to keep basketball on TV, hockey is the main draw for man, and football captivates millions each weekend for hours on end. Sports, yea … we like it.

a quiet house.

Name one black sitcom that hasn’t shown the male head of household sitting on a couch and exhaling deeply as they enjoy the piece and solitude of a quiet house. This is loved more and more as we age and the average noise level of the house increases, but can be enjoyed at any time. Even back in college when all my roommates were gone and I could sit on the living room couch and watch my shows in piece … it was a moment of zen. And ask one man with a live in girlfriend/fiancee/wife if he doesn’t appreciate when she is out shopping and he can masturbate watch tv in peace.


The male species manages to keep our youthfullness long after we have physically lost it. While out hair is gray and our bodies wrinkled temples to our former greatness, we still manage to cherish the kid at heart. As a result toys of some sort will always be loved. You average man starts out with action figures, eventually moving up to footballs and BMX bikes. Then they get their first video game console. That one might last all the way to their 20’s or 30’s. Then we grow into big boy toys … cars, motorcycles, big screen TVs, and fake stripper breasts gadgets. No matter the age there is a “toy” for us.

if you dont laugh out loud when reading this article, you must be an alien. okay laa, i dont expect you to laugh out loud, but im sure at least you smiled to yourself. kan?

so girls, you know what to do :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

of all the things,

4 things a woman should know:

How to look like a girl,

how to act like a lady,

how to think like a man,

& how to work like a dog.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

conversation between me and a friend #1

i have a lot to say about men and relationships, but they are all my opinion and are not supposed to be a guideline or anything like that. like ive mentioned before in one of my posts, i blog for me. when im in doubt, sad etc etc ill read my blog. my blog is like my reminder. you know, like a place where i actually write down those note to self things.

since most of the things i want to write about but never got the time to write usually are being discussed between me and my friends, i decided to copy paste them. so this is the first one. trust me, there will be more to come ;) enjoy.


I don’t know how to feel. Even we (us)..the ultimate yapper talks A LOT. N I mean a lot.he talks more than me. But its nice to have a quiet moment together u know. Like just sit. N not talk about feelings for once. I want to be his best fren, his lover n much more. Just talk about politics, music, fashion, fish, lions, Tutankhamen. But he doesn’t know anything. Dats y reading is important. Or watch a bit of tv. I want him to know that warthog are called wart hogs because they actually have warts. Ok dats too much. But im just saying. Hahahhaha.

Asyik2 risau. But cant be there for me…kalo setakat ckp saje I pon leh buat. I told him. yes sistah I did. Hollaaa…


Girls gotta be creative in getting men to do what we want. Telling them straight on wont work. Kena turn it into a game, kena ada trick trick sikit. You know, macam main dengan budak kecik.

Buat laa game 'do you know?' so every week each person kena bagitau a new fact. baru best :P it will be fun, and he will read more cuz im sure he wants to surprise you ;)

Funny but true.

Sad but true.

Demyuh! bak kata Fad :P

babe, i post benda kita cakap ni kat my blog boleh tak? tapi tak sebut nama laaa sebab takut orang kenal. and lebih mysterious gittewww.

Plus I saved of the talks that we had, and I do read them occasionally sebab best haha do you mind if I post them too?

Tapi go tengok dulu whether youre agreeable to the way I put it or not.

If you give me your yes, then I guess this will a good way to channel our message to all the boyfriends in the world.


Hehehe..sure go ahead…sometimes guys shud know that they are not always right. So please listen. And women are not dumb. Just coz we color our hair n we bagi muka kat dorang slalu doesn’t mean we r stupid ok.


so yeah. this is how its gonna be. boys, read more please. give your gf one thing less to complain about.


this is not meant to embarrass anybody. please dont take it seriously.



Wednesday, February 3, 2010


looking at the pictures makes me feel sad. and empty.
and a little excited, as those are really nice houses.
i bet they were uber beautiful once.
and now they're forgotten.
kesian rumah tu.

but that's life.