Tuesday, June 29, 2010


i guess its no longer a secret. im just another girl struggling to be thin. why, you ask?

heres 30 reasons why:
  1. so that i can try on clothes without wanting to stay in the fitting room, curl up into a ball, and die.
  2. so that every and any photos taken of me from any angle will look good.
  3. so that i wont be the fattest girl out of my friends.
  4. so that all my old expensive clothes fit again.
  5. so that my cheek bones will resurface.
  6. because skinny girls can get away with wearing any outfit or having any style or making any face.
  7. so that i wont look like a messy slob with no self control.
  8. so that my arm flab doesnt spread out when i rest my arms aside.
  9. so that my breasts gets smaller.
  10. so that my back wont hurt from standing up straight and holding the breasts up.
  11. so that people whisper about how skinny ive gotten behind my back.
  12. so that when i sit, no matter what im wearing my tummy remains one flat perfect board.
  13. so that i never have to worry about love handles oozing over the edges of my jeans.
  14. so that i can rush out of the house in jeans and a tshirt and look like a model.
  15. so that my boyfriend will be proud to show me off to his friends and family.
  16. so that i dont have to wake up in the morning without trying on a million and a half outfits and looking fat in each one.
  17. so that my self control, my amazing discipline shines through for everyone to see.
  18. so that i dont have to worry about my shirt riding up and exposing my round tummy.
  19. so that there is a space between my legs.
  20. so that the shorter the shorts, the better.
  21. so that ill be referred to as the skinny one.
  22. so that my boyfriend can hoist me over his shoulders with ease, especially during concerts.
  23. so that my collar bones could poke an eye out.
  24. so that my hip bones will hurt people when i hug them.
  25. so that no matter what angle, or how hard i try it is physically impossible for me to have more than one chin.
  26. so that my shoulder blades are literally blades.
  27. so that nobody even remembers that chubby girl i used to be.
  28. so that im delicate and graceful.
  29. because no one wants a fat daughter, best friend or girlfriend.
  30. because everything, i mean every single thing about my life will be better when i am finally skinny.
below are some skinny foxes, my thinspiration.

of course im not trying to as skinny as they are, that will prolly take me 100 years.
i just wanna be skinnier than i am now.

aaaannndd this is me,

wish me luck?



Anonymous said...

we ALL love you just the way you are. I am sure your bf, your family, your friends love you the way you are. what's there to love if there's only skins and bones? and bony people are just not huggable!

It would be great to be thin, but could you enjoy all the wonderful delicious food in the world? Could you be happier sulking when all your friends nyom nyom on their food?

and its all in the state of mind. if you feel beautiful, you are beautiful! if you feel thin, you are thin! so keep in mind that you are beautiful, just the way you are. why impress other people, when we would only suffer? the most important thing is to be healthy. if you want to be thin to impress people, then its for a very wrong reason!

btb, there's plenty of skinny girls out there, but there's only one wonderful, beautiful, perky, voluptuous girl I know, you!

and hey have u looked yourself in the mirror, whatever you're doing, its working! keep it up!
just. don't. feel. this. low. ever. again. it. makes. me. sad.

p/s: i am fat, way fatter than you. but i don't care what other people say cos i love my food, i know i am pretty and i love myself. if they say i am fat, well too bad, they are not a friend to begin with. ;)


Anonymous said...

Unless that picture is lying, you look like you have an attractive body.

I would definitely tap that.

Rara Joe said...

r u sure the last picx was youuuu?

mcm tak caye jeeee...