Friday, January 28, 2011


so umm im not into expressing my feelings anymore.
ive realised that happiness is a choice, so im not gonna read into things too much and just LIVE. you know?
im not closing down this blog though, as this was a part of me, a part that i cherished. a lot :)

okay wait, who am i kidding? i looovveee expressing myself haha in fact, i do it all the time on twitter. but im not going into that emotional hole anymore. ive read somewhere that we should do more of what makes us happy.

and i found that happy place. tumblr. yea yea i know, ive dissed tumblr before for being unoriginal and yadda yadda haha but i guess you dont have to be yourself all the time, right? i mean, this life is not all about you. life is not about love, either. its about roles. whether you understand your roles and whether you carry them out or not.

soooo, i want to be a happy person. hence, im gonna do what keeps me happy more often. that is to spend time looking at beautiful pictures and reblogging them LOL

if youre interested to see my collection of happy pictures, come and visit me at :)

till then,

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